The 27 Year Guerilla Offline Marketer, Mr. Chesnut: An Overview Of His Marketing Experiences And Successes...



It All Started In 1985


Mr. Chesnut has been doing offline marketing since 1985 when he started his first offline business, an insurance agency.


With the insurance industry being an extremely competitive and tough market -- who wants to talk to an insurance agent -- and with a lot of agencies in town his work was cut out. The solution?


To learn marketing at a very deep level to out-market and out-sell his competition. He knew a key part of creating a successful business was to stand out in a crowded market place and not be part of the crowd.


With innovative marketing, thanks to a $1500 course he purchased from Jay Abraham, he grew his agency by 300-500% per year per office. He grew from one office to offices in 9 different locations.


 Mr. Chesnut Gave Up 112  Hour Work Weeks To Go Into Consulting. As A Marketing Consultant He Helped A Lot Of Businesses Grow & Prosper


In 1989 Mr. Chesnut sold the agency and went into full time consulting. Between working 112 hours per week and having a young family he desperately wanted to spend more time with, he started working with small businesses helping them with their marketing.


As to be expected, his primary market place for the next 15 years was the very competitive market place of insurance helping insurance agencies grow their business. Mr. Chesnut learned very quickly how to compete in a competitive market place, which is a more aggressive, methodical style of marketing.


Pretty consistently his agency clients were referring their commercial customers to Mr. Chesnut which he also helped. Mr. Chesnut has been very effective in helping any offline business with their marketing.


By 1991 he had built quite a name for himself. Businesses that followed his methods were growing in leaps and bounds. That's because he not only generated a lot of leads for them, he also put special marketing in place to complement the sales process along with working with the sales team on how to work the leads. Between the two things, far more leads turned into customers.


Then, as the big clincher, Mr. Chesnut would put in place the marketing and strategies to turn these new customers into ongoing repeat customers that continued purchasing from the business. Mr. Chesnut's clients saw a huge increase in the lifetime value of their clients.


A strong motivator for Mr. Chesnut to master marketing and business optimization strategies was in the early years Mr. Chesnut was paid based upon performance. He would receive a percent of the new revenue he would generate for the business.


If the marketing strategy he put in place had a homerun, he make a financial killing. If it did poorly or bombed, then it gave Mr. Chesnut the incentive to figure out why and fix the problem.


It wasn't long before a major obstacle reared its ugly head... his clients were getting so many leads they couldn't work them all and service existing clients at the same time. Leads would sit on their desk collecting dust.


The big problem was, unless a sale was made, Mr. Chesnut didn't make any money.


This is when Mr. Chesnut got into automation. It was the best solution for helping businesses increase their productivity which would then free up their time to work the leads.


Mr. Chesnut has two loves... marketing and automation. Automation to help the business be more productive, and marketing to help the business grow. Between the two, businesses are able to be far more profitable and grow much faster.


Because we're talking about marketing here we will focus on Mr. Chesnut's marketing experiences and expertise's and not his background in automation.


Helped A Startup Company Go from $20,000 per Month to $1 Million per Month


In 1992/93 Mr. Chesnut's marketing skills was really put to the test by helping a startup software company with their marketing. Unlike your typical offline business, the software company had uniquely different demographics and a different sales approach, along with marketing to businesses on a national level. If all that wasn't enough, the market place was extremely competitive with 3 main players that were dominating the market place!


Making a long story short, Mr. Chesnut helped put the strategically designed marketing pieces together. He then designed the sales funnel to support marketing to a competitive market place.


It's important to understand that there are key things you must do different when marketing in a highly competitive market place. Not knowing this is a quick route to the poor house when you're in a competitive market place.


Prior to mailing out the marketing piece the company did $20,000 of business in a good month.


The marketing piece was mailed out in December of 1992. In January of 93, 30 days later, the company pulled in $200,000 of new business, an increase of 10 times their best month.


By continuing to work with the sales team on how to work the leads and tweaking the marketing piece doing A/B tests, in 5 more months the company broke their first $1,000,000 month. After that, million dollar months became the norm.


In October of 1993 the company was bought out for many millions by a larger more established company.


To date, no other company in that industry has ever come close to the number of sales this company pulled in each month. This company was and still is the fastest growing company in that industry, a bench mark others have tried to match but have never been able to even come close to.


Mr. Chesnut stopped working with the company after they were bought out.


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Introduced A Marketing Course To Insurance Agencies That Was Wildly Successful by Taking Marketing To A Whole New Level


In 1994 Mr. Chesnut created two marketing courses for insurance agencies. They comprised of the strategies that he was using that were consistently helping agencies to explode in new revenue. They were ...


Unlike the typical course on the market that only focused on generating leads for new clients, the courses Mr. Chesnut created showed agencies how to grow a huge business in less effort and less time.


Agencies that purchased the courses were not only bringing in new clients on a consistent basis, they were massively increasing the lifetime value of each client by learning effective strategies to market other products to their clients and to increase their retention level of their clients.


As Mr. Chesnut's clients were thankful for learning, getting a lot of leads is only part of a good marketing plan. It's also ...

  • Putting in place strategic marketing to support the sales process to turn more leads into customers

  • Having the right sales funnel for their business

  • Understanding the 4 core building blocks to building a business ... the key to explosive growth with less effort and cost

  • Posturing your business in the market place (today they call this "branding" strategies)

  • Knowing the demographics of your market place so you're marketing to the right group ...

... and much more.


Many called these courses their marketing bible with 100 to 1,000% growth. Then, with this new found knowledge of marketing and the special chapter


on buying agencies, these agencies were buying other agencies and turning their investment into a huge ROI by putting in place the right kind of marketing to grow these new agencies they were buying.


Clearly, Mr. Chesnut captured the very essence of this specific niche and how businesses in this niche can effectively market to grow their business.


The courses were so successful Mr. Chesnut could hardly keep them on the shelf. Remember, this is pre-internet so all courses were mailed out in 3-ring binders.


Mr. Chesnut has been a committed student of the business of marketing for the past 27 years. With high-end mentors like Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, David Garfinkel and more, his knowledge, skill set and successes continued.


In 2000 Mr. Chesnut started taking advantage of the internet to complement his marketing efforts. He started out with two key strategies, both of which were wildly successful for his clients and still are today...


To learn about Mr. Chesnut's experiences and massive successes after the introduction of the internet, fill out and submit the form above.


Not only has Mr. Chesnut had many personal successes since the beginning of the internet, since 2010 he has helped a lot of people in this business along with his own sales team to generate $60,000 and up in annual revenue. $60,000 in any city is nice income.


"Making $60,000 per year is nothing. It's very easy to do, when you know how and take the right actions," Mr. Chesnut said.


"In fact, it's almost as easy to make $1,000,000 a year as it is $60,000. It's just a different business model. It's going from operating like a sales person to operating like a business.


What a lot of people in this business don't realize is for an offline business a $1,000,000 per year is a small business. Once you really realize this, and put things into perspective, you can see why hearing about 7-digit and 8-digit businesses isn't really a big deal. It's just simply operating like a business, having the right business model, the right sales approach, the right marketing approach all of which creates your system, and then duplicating your efforts over and over again while continuously doing A/B test to fine tune and improve your system," Mr. Chesnut says.


The Ultimate Training Course (UTC) is Mr. Chesnut's life work... 27 years of amazing successes marketing to offline businesses and helping them grow their business, including helping many startup companies put in place a successful business model and to grow.


The primary focus of the UTC course is to help people who are selling marketing services to offline businesses to build a successful, highly profitable business in a lot less time and effort


However, to teach all of this there's a process. For one, if you don't understand the "Why" (why 'this' works, why 'this' doesn't, why business owners think like they do, etc.) you're not going to be able to fully implement the strategies or grasp why they're so effective, especially with so many online marketers who are masking themselves as offline consultants who are selling courses and teaching you completely wrong!


In the UTC course Mr. Chesnut shows you the top mistake course creators are making when teaching you how to market to offline businesses that will practically guarantee your failure, and over 90% if not 97% are teaching this.


"In a non-competitive market these approaches could work, but absolutely not in a highly competitive market place like this is," Mr. Chesnut said.


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